This Side of Sanity
This web site is intended for musicians.

See the Nerdary, which includes a TTRPG response to Hasbro ruining D&D.

This website is being revived to give independent musicians a place to communicate, coordinate, cooperate, and help each other out.

This is not intended for fans, just for musicians. On my limited budget I can reasonably handle about 10,000 musicians.

At this moment, the only features implemented are creating a new account and logging in or out of that account. No changes yet to any information (email, password, etc.) — coming soon. Make sure your email is accurate and works.

Strongly urge using an account name that matches your Bandcamp, Twitter, or other site that reaches your fans.

Use the contact button to send suggestions and feedback and ask questions.

a sampling of our music

Time Heals
piano ballad



For the Last Time
hard rock

draft of game book

Working on the draft for my RPG Unauthorized Anarchy. Currently updating once or twice a day, although that will slow down over time. You can download a free copy and offer your criticism and suggestions.


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